Client Case Study : Vie Chi Foods

Key Aspects:

Photography and Lighting
Creative Concept Development
Shoot  Pre-Production / Organization
Prop Styling & Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
Location & Set Design
Food Styling
Product Styling
Post Production

Client: Vie Chi Foods
Photographer: Heather Goldsworthy
Food Prep: Chef Bennington Steel 
Prop Styling: Heather Goldsworthy
Product Shot Styling: Heather Goldsworthy

Branding & Package Design: Fizz Creative
Website: Forward Webb


Ontario-based CPG food brand Vie Chi Foods makes nutrient-rich, modern, Asian pre-made frozen meals.

As they prepared to launch their first line of meals, I worked with Vie Chi Foods to capture styled food  images of each meal for their packaging designs, and have continued to work with them to create the various imagery they need to get their products to market.

I worked with their team to create a variety of prepared food images of their product line that would be used on their new packaging designs, website, and social media. We worked together to develop detailed shot concepts in accordance with their designers specs and creative brief. 

Once the new packaging was complete, I then captured additional photography of the individual products and product line ups, styled product shots, and lifestyle imagery– creating a variety of imagery for their creative team to use in various print and online marketing materials.

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