Business Portraits

Your business portrait is often the first introduction your potential clients have to you. Whether it's on your website About page, your business cards, or online professional profiles - you need your portrait to give people a sense of who you are!

All of my sessions start with us getting to know each other– I want to know about you, your business and how you help your clients so that when we start shooting we capture images that convey your personality and give people a feel for who you are.

Business Portrait packages start at $325.
Contact me for package info.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental Portrait sessions can be held outdoors, on-location at your home or office, or at a great location that we find together. These natural light portraits are a great option when you want a more casual look to your business portrait, or want to include some context of how/where you work.

Studio Business Portraits

Studio Business Portraits offer a great variety of styles and options... backdrops can be plain or cinematic, lighting can be natural or dramatic.

Before our session we'll talk about the style of portrait that is best for you– to accentuate your brand and fit your marketing materials.

Branding Lifestyle Portrait Sessions

A branding lifestyle shoot is a more casual approach to a business portrait. These sessions are great for artisans, makers and anyone wanting to share more of the story behind what they do.

We will photograph you in a casual setting (often your studio or shop) and capture a variety of poses, outfits and settings including some where you are looking directly at the camera while others are more candid and show you doing your thing.


It has been a pleasure working with Heather. She is very professional and her quality of work is exceptional.
I was looking to update my Linkedin profile picture. Typically when people start doing business with me, they checkout my profile. My picture was outdated and I needed a new one.
I saw a profile picture that I really liked. A clear bright picture of that person face. I sent it over to Heather, and she delivered that same type of picture. She totally understood what I was looking for.
The process was very straightforward. Everything was ready to go when I showed up at the studio. It took about 30 minutes and the next day, I had the perfect picture in my inbox sized and formatted to upload right to Linkedin. I highly recommend working with Heather.

BernardFounder/Operating Manager at The Greater Goods

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