Client Case Study : BioScript Solutions

Key Aspects:

Photography and Lighting
Creative Concept Development
Shoot  Pre-Production / Organization
Post Production

Client: BioScript Solutions
Marketing Team: Ashleigh Brown, Tamara Mutlak, Jessica Salameh
Photographer: Heather Goldsworthy
Photog Assistants: Dan Stenning, Jason Hartog


BioScript Solutions mission is to simplify access to specialty health care– supporting patients with chronic illnesses and rare diseases by providing access to complex drug therapies and delivering full-service specialty care solutions. They have a national network of clinics, pharmacies, and patient support programs across Canada.

I work with their Marketing Team on an on-going basis to create a wide variety of images for their website, online and print marketing campaigns, trade show signage and internal use. For each shoot we develop a detailed shot list and shoot day timeline based on their upcoming campaigns and develop shot concepts specifically designed for their intended usages format and layout. 

To showcase all the different aspects of the business we have executed fully-produced shoots in their clinics, pharmacy, distribution centre and corporate offices.

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