Client Case Study : Prevention Disinfectants

Key Aspects:

Photography and Lighting
Creative Concept Development
Shoot  Pre-Production / Organization
Talent Acquisition
Location & Set Creation
Prop Acquisition
Prop Styling
Post Production

Client: Rejuvenate Disinfectants, a Virox Technologies Inc. Company
Marketing Team: Milica Petkovic, Keegan Borges, Haleigh Rees, Miram Alsaadi
Photographer: Heather Goldsworthy
Styling: Heather Goldsworthy


Prevention Disinfectants (formerly Rejuvenate Disinfectants) is an innovative, eco-conscious infection prevention company producing non-toxic, gentler disinfectant products for health and beauty professionals. ⁠⁠They've received multiple awards and green certifications not just for their products but for their manufacturing facilities and practices as well. ⁠⁠

I work with their marketing team on an on-going basis to produce a variety of images that support their marketing plans and goals. We shoot together 3-5 times per year producing images that showcase all aspects of their business.  

Before each shoot we develop a detailed shot list based on their upcoming campaigns and product releases. I take care of full shoot production including talent and location acquisition, prop sourcing, and styling on set. 

The relationship has continued to grow and has now extended to include a secondary brand (PREempt) and parent company Virox Technologies Inc. 

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