Client Case Study : Rejuvenate Disinfectants

Key Aspects:

Photography and Lighting
Creative Concept Development
Shoot  Pre-Production / Organization
Talent Acquisition
Location Scouting
Props and Styling
Post Production

Client: Rejuvenate Disinfectants, a Virox Technologies Inc. Company
Marketing Team: Milica Petkovic, Keegan Borges, Haleigh Rees, Miram Alsaadi
Photographer: Heather Goldsworthy
Styling: Heather Goldsworthy


Rejuvenate produces eco-friendly, non-toxic, gentler disinfectant products for health and beauty professionals. ⁠⁠They've received multiple awards and green certifications not just for their products but for their manufacturing facilities and practices as well. ⁠⁠

I work with their marketing team to produce a variety of images on an on-going basis that support their marketing plans and goals. We shoot together 3-5 times per year producing images that showcase all aspects of their business.   

Before each shoot we develop a detailed shot list based on their upcoming campaigns and product releases. Each shoot is fully produced including talent and location acquisition, prop sourcing, and styling on set. 

The relationship has continued to grow and has now extended to include a secondary brand (PREempt) and parent company Virox Technologies Inc.

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